Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A perfect afternoon...

Last Saturday was SO great! The weather was warm--very warm--and Josh and I were both home--unusual for a Saturday (ususally, either he's at work or I'm judging a gymnastics meet). We spent the afternoon outside with the kids--they played in the sprinkler on the trampoline, made a mud puddle, and actually got a little muddy! We rode bikes, rollerblades, and scooters for a while too. It was so nice! I am really looking forward to summer now...
Yes, in this next picture, if you look close enough, Jodee is wearing some of my old Chemistry lab goggles!! Too funny--I found them in a desk as I was cleaning out her room for the new furniture last week.
It's too bad I'm writing this post right now....Dylan is sick and the other two kiddos have baseball games tonight! I'm missing them--I hope they're playing hard and having fun....poor Dylan is lying on the couch watching "Monster's Inc.". Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Saturn Relay

Woohoo! I am so excited--we (sorry, "I") got a new car! (Josh was reading this over my shoulder and made me correct that sentence--I don't think he's very proud of "our" new minivan!) My old van had been having some problems since Christmas, and it looked like it was going to be an expensive problem to fix, so we had started looking for a new one a few months ago. Well, Friday, Josh brought this one home at lunch to show it to me--and I liked it a lot, but didn't even drive it! I had already settled it in my mind that we were moving on from the minivan, and going to an SUV or something. The only problem with that was the bad gas mileage that they get. SO, when Josh brought this one to me, I loved it, but figured there was no way he'd ever get it for me! He called me later that afternoon and had us come up to his work--and we were signing the papers! It was so quick and easy (one benefit to him working there!), and I was SO embarrassed that my old van was not cleaned out! It had SO much stuff in it! Anyways, here it is:
And the kids enjoying sitting in the back:

Now I have had to promise Josh that this is our last minivan we will ever buy--my next car is a Jeep!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Park time!

Well, after having fun spending money at a consignment sale Friday morning, we went to Hafer park and had some fun. Here is Jodee showing off her "re-grips" on the bar: And little Dylan hangin' around like a monkey:
Enjoying the spring weather:
And, we brought their scooters, and they scootered around the trail at Hafer--I think we went about 3/4 mile--a lot of hills, too! They had so much fun--it was sad to do it without Dustin!

The day before this, we had gone to the zoo in the morning--and loved every minute of it! (Sorry, no pictures!)We saw the elephants with the trainers--very cool, and we saw all 4 lion cubs--adorable! I let them play on the little playground by the gorillas, where there is a big rainbow shaped set of monkey bars, and Dylan went on that while I helped Jodee on the rings, and he came over to tell me he had done it, and that he sang "Blue Skies and Rainbows" while he was playing! Too cute--made me proud!
The weather did a 180 on us that night--we had a tball game for Jodee and a baseball game for Dustin--and I heard later that the wind chill was something like 38!!! It was SO COLD!!! The kids both played really great games--and we do have very loyal family that came and stayed for both games! Thanks guys!! The kids love having an audience that they know is just for them. We were glad to get home after the games and take nice HOT baths/showers. Hopefully that kind of weather is behind us now--I am really looking forward to summer!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jodee's new favorite place:

At the "new" desk in her room!! She LOVES it--we got 'new to us' furniture from a good friend of ours, and it includes a desk with hutch, a small chest with hutch, a big chest of drawers, and a daybed. It's beautiful! Right now, she is into coloring at her desk--which I think is great. Her room is coming together, and as soon as I get it just right, I'll post more pictures.
Here's a pic just for fun--they played with play-doh the other day--and had a ball. I had to get a picture, because Dylan just started enjoying play-doh--we've gotten it out before--and Jodee and Dustin have always liked it, but for some reason Dylan wouldn't do it--but he did this time! He got a huge box of 24 colors of play-doh for Christmas--so I was glad to put it to use!

Sorry for the lack in posting--not a lot has been happening--except for ALL of our baseball/t-ball games being rained out! What a bummer! Hopefully we'll be playing this Thursday (fingers are crossed!!).

Monday, April 7, 2008

Texas Rangers Game in OKC

We were so lucky to get free tickets to the Rangers vs. White Sox game played here in OKC! My dad's work bought tickets--only 4 though, and he let us have 2 of them! Thanks Dad!! (and Southwest Trailers!)If they had more we would have gotten to take the kids, but they went to Grandma's and had fun spending the night. They had no idea what they were missing! It was SO much fun--but really cold! Josh was making fun of me for wearing gloves, but I think he was wishing he had some toward the end!

One of my favorite parts of the whole experience was Bryan White singing the National Anthem! I have always liked him (he's a country singer, in case you didn't know) and he hasn't really put any new albums out in a LONG time, so I was surprised to see him there! It was great!
Here are the Texas Rangers in the dugout: White Sox 3rd base coach--I loved watching his crazy signals to his players--never could figure out what he was saying to them!
And the pitch:
It was fun!

The next day I had a state gymnastics meet in OKC, and Josh had to work, then that evening I was asked to help at the Big 12 gymnastics meet at OU! It was awesome--I had to be a line judge--not a very fun job, but at least I got to go! Here's my "floor pass":

Luckily, I didn't have to raise my flag to signal that one of the gymnasts had stepped out of bounds on floor. The best part was that OU won by .1!!! It was a great meet!