Sunday, October 25, 2009

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

We were able to visit our local pumpkin patch on fall break this year--thanks to a good friend of Dustin's. Thanks, Ben!!!
We enjoyed ALL of it!
Like, playing games: The hayride:

Playing in the haybales:

Finding our way through the muddy cornfield maze:

And picking our pumpkins:

Happy Fall!
P.S. I didn't put all of the pics on here, but they also thoroughly enjoyed the animals. A little too much, maybe. Jodee is still begging me for a rabbit. That's where she spent her free time at the farm--in the rabbit's cage!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Turner Falls, OK

For fall break this year, we had to come up with some different plans than we had originally thought, but I think we did well!! Thursday was the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch (that will be another post), and Friday we went to Turner Falls, OK, with my mom and one of my sisters. It was so fun! I had been feeling a little sick all week, and Jodee had a respiratory virus, so we weren't all feeling well, but Jodee was over her fever, and I thought I was, too. Well, I wasn't! Unfortunately I had to sit out during one of the hikes that the family went on while I was trying to let the medicine make my fever go away!!! Yuck! I got to enjoy SO much of the trip, though, so it was definitely worth it!

The first thing we came to after driving over flowing water---SCARY---and eating lunch in the COLD, was the castle: Lots of stairs to climb...we are all feeling it today! It's very neat--the sign said it was built in the 30's by a doctor as his summer home. The kids loved exploring it! Even found the bathroom. Lovely!
Of course, a pic by the waterfalls....the first time we ever took a picture exactly like this was a little over 12 years ago:
My mom and sister, Hayley:
The kiddos: (it was windy--see Dylan's hair??)
The next part of our trip consisted of climbing/hiking/freaking out about the edge of the cliff, and having fun! The arrow points to the cave we went to first:This is the view from that cave: That was a scary one. I would have been fine with just adults--but when my kids are up there too, that changes a lot!! But, we did it, and had a great time. Well, Dylan would tell you different, but he made it!

This is the next cave...much safer in my book!
Peeking out from the cave: One more beautiful view:Towards the end of our trip, we took the kids over to another swimming hole, aka The Blue Hole. It was cool, they usually have 2 slides and a diving board in the summertime. Dylan had been carrying around a Bakugon toy from McDonald's in his pocket all day, and was playing with it, dropped it and it rolled right into the Blue Hole!!! I thought he would have a meltdown--but he held it together nicely! All this right after I had just told my mom how much he loved that toy! What a good kid.Here is his sweet daddy that climbed down to look for his toy. Never found it. At least he tried!
It was a wonderful getaway! My fever finally went away in time for the Blue Hole adventure, and then we ate at a neat place in Paul's Valley called, "The Happy Days Diner". It was yummy! Glad we got to spend the day with my momma and sister.
Happy Fall Break, everyone!

Toy Story 1 and 2--3D!

My dad took my family and my sister and brother to see the 3D versions of Toy Story 1 and 2 this past was SO much fun!!! Thanks, Dad!!!
These pics were taken in a dark Fun with the glasses on:

And, yes, of course, Julie (the doll) came with us!!
So fun. Great movies! Can't wait for the third one!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our little girl is 7!!! Jodee's birthday was yesterday...I can't believe how fast she's growing up! We celebrated with family on Friday night, and ventured down to Dallas on Saturday to the infamous American Girl store at the Galleria. WOW. That's all I have to say! What a store! Where were these when I was little?

Here's the birthday girl and her cake:An early bday present from her big bro...he had another party to go to that night, so he sweetly let her open his early! I didnt' even ask him to take a picture, and he did this: What a good kid!At the Galleria skating rink with her 'birthday girl' sash on....she only wore it for this pic because it was too big on her! And, unfortunately we didn't get to skate this time--maybe next time!Her favorite food for lunch:And, we made it!!! This store is HUGE!

Notice--Dustin wasn't in the picture--he got to go to an OU football game with his grandpa!! Lucky boy! He had fun--and I'm sure he was glad to NOT go to the Americal Girl store! We allowed Jodee to pick one friend to take with her--she is the extra kiddo in the picture below:Jodee and her beloved Julie doll:We were in this store for hours...literally! By the end, we were waiting on Julie getting her ears pierced, and this is what Dylan looked like:Daddy to the rescue: This is what they were looking at: the doll hair salon! What in the world?

The happy girl with her doll...she was SO excited! She has been talking about this since last December. It's been a long time coming! Here are the kids when we were on our way home...sweet girls and their dolls, and a happy boy (happy to be done at the store!!!haha). Jodee is such a sweet girl. She had a great 7th birthday! Thanks to all of our family for the wonderful gifts--she loves them all! And, Mimi, she spent ALL of the money--not hard to do in that store! It was fun.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Soul Patrol 2009

Josh was the director of the 1st annual 4th-6th grade retreat this past weekend!! He did such a good job! The name of the retreat is Soul Patrol, and this year the theme was Bullies of the Bible. It was GREAT! Dustin absolutely loved the whole weekend. They had campfire, chapel, they did a skit, crafts, yummy food, etc. Everything that goes with church was there!
Here is Dustin with some of his good buddies:
My friend Lynda and I did the craft this year--shrinky dink key chains and picture frames for their picture that we took of them with their cabin-mates. We had so much fun getting this ready for the kids. Now if only the oven there worked the way it should have, then all of the shrinky dinks would have been perfect!! Oh well. We know now for next year!
Dustin working hard:

Here are all of the campers with Josh:

This is the bridge you walk across to get from the dining hall to the cabins and bathhouse. Very cool bridge--if you don't make it bounce and swing!

Dustin and Josh with their cabin:

Messing around in the mess hall:

What fun! I am so glad Dustin got to experience this! This summer was going to be his first year of church camp--but it was canceled due to a flu outbreak. I'm so glad Josh and about 30 other parents stepped up and made this happen. SO much fun, and the kids learned a lot. 2010, here we come! Already planning for next year!

Monday, October 5, 2009

3's company

Last Friday night, I had Jodee and Dylan all to myself! Josh and Dustin were on the 4th-6th grade retreat (which Josh was the director of--I'm so proud!!) with our church. So, the 2 little ones, yes, I still call them little, and I had the house to ourselves. So, what do you do when 2 family members are gone? Have a sleepover in the living room, of course! And make cupcakes. And popcorn. And rent a movie, such as 'Monsters vs. Aliens'.
Here they are--they did all the work on the cupcakes---until the decorating part. While I decorated, they chilled on the air mattress with popcorn and a movie. I spy a sleeping puppy in the picture below. Can you find him?
I surprised the kiddos with these cupcakes:

They loved them!
I kept them up so late and we had so much fun, that this picture shows how they were sleeping sometime after 11 pm that night. Yes, Dylan is completely falling off of the couch!!! They are sacked out!
We made the trip to Lariat Creek Christian Camp the next morning. Stay next post will be the retreat. It was a hit with everyone that went. Good job, Josh!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Go Indians!

Dylan has been playing t-ball again this season, with a new team, the Indians! They are doing great--learning a lot, playing well together, and loving baseball. It's so fun to watch them all--they are so little!!

Josh has really enjoyed being able to help coach Dylan's team. Dustin's baseball team is only doing tournaments this season, so it frees up Josh's time to be able to coach Dylan. We couldn't have planned it working like this--it's perfect!

I *think* we are having a winning season--I don't really know the scores of the games. I just enjoy watching Dyl have so much fun!