Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Fun Night!

Last Friday was the annual Family Fun Night at OC--for alumni, and for the end of VBS celebration. We go every year, and always have a blast!! There is free food (always a plus!), tons of inflatables for the kiddos, a rock wall, pony rides, and a movie. And it's ALL free--you can't beat that! We went with the kids and my mom, aunt, and cousin for about 1 1/2 hours, and then my mom kept the kids with her, and they watched part of the movie. Here are some highlights:

The rock wall--Dustin did this with my cousin Taylor--and loved it!This last one is funny--while standing in line for the ponies, Dylan saw the goats and rooster, and said, "Hey, I never pet a chicken before!!", so of course, we had to go "pet the chicken" after that!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS 2008

Our church did such a great job on VBS this year!! We did "Creation" and the plays, as usual, were the BEST!! AND, I am SO proud, they asked Dustin to play a part--one of the fish created on the 5th day!! He was great and had a good time.....the first day of the play was all done in blacklight--which was so cool, and he was the orange fish:Here he is with the other fish: And another cool pic of the trees and flowers:

And, a blurry pic of the stage as the fish came out, with the clam and pearl, and anemone, and school of fish:
It was AWESOME!! I am so glad that Dustin got to be a part of that! We all enjoyed watching...and I have to say the rest of the week was good too--Jodee and Dylan loved everything about "BBS" (as Jodee would say!! Jokingly, of course!). I did one of the craft's for the preschoolers, and we did bible covers with stamps of paint...I think everyone liked them!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little bit of everything...

Wow--we have been busy!! We just finished VBS today--I'll post more about that later! Last week, we got Dustin and Jodee their own library cards!!! Here are the proud kiddos: We always do the "Summer Reading program" through the local library, so I thought I'd give them a little bit of responsibility with their own cards. Dylan will get one when he begins to read (hopefully next summer!).

Here is Dustin on his last day of basketball camp last Friday, with Coach Elzie:

Dustin had a blast, learned a lot, and enjoyed every minute of camp!!!

The day before Father's Day, we went out to dinner and to a Redhawks game with my dad and brother, (and sister for the dinner). Here are my kiddos enjoying some good ol' baseball:

And, Father's Day:
The kids were SO good--after a VERY late night--they got up for church without a problem! They gave Daddy a card and a reserved case for an Aerosmith Guitar Hero game!!! Woo hoo---we just can't wait for it to come in!!

And, one of my favorite things about summer.....eating outside!!

That was a big jumble of a lot of things going on at the Fowler house, but it's better than nothing!!

We will be celebrating our 11th anniversary tomorrow!! The kids get to spend the night at Grandma's house tonight, and play all day tomorrow. Thanks, Mom!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Blood, sweat, and tears.

What a weekend! We actually had fun this past weekend, but there was a little of each of those: blood, sweat, and tears! Dustin had his first baseball tournament Saturday--starting at 9 am. It was so much fun to be a the ball field most of the day, and the boys had some great plays--we got some bad calls, but overall it was a great experience. During the first game, Dylan got hit in the back of his head with a foul ball from another field...didn't really hurt him, but it sure scared him!!! Then, between the 2nd and 3rd games, Dustin was playing around on an extra field, and got hit in the eye with a baseball! He had on sunglasses, so it just gave him a nice cut on his eyebrow. It was bleeding pretty bad, but he held it together! This is him after we cleaned his face up... Here are the boys listening intently to Coach Josh...
And, Jodee and her good friend watching their brothers play some ball...
Finally, yes, you probably assumed the "tears" part was the kids getting hit with baseballs, which is true, but added to those tears, were mine! We are dog-sitting for my aunt and uncle--their dog Mocha is 4 months old, and adorable, but after our last game on Saturday, we came home, and she was GONE!!! I was freaking out...we drove the neighborhood, called her vet twice, drove to my aunt's house, biked around the neighborhood, etc, etc. It was awful! I couldn't sleep that night....and my stomach was killing me. Then I put up signs in the neighborhood Sunday morning, and we went on another bike ride after lunch, and Josh saw her in a backyard!! The really ironic part is that we know the people that live there! We go to church with them, and they had found her around dinner time Saturday, and took care of her till we found her. WHEW!! I was SO relieved!
Here is a funny pic of Mocha: Well, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing, no "blood, sweat, or tears" week!
Dustin starts basketball camp this morning, and Jodee's summer gymnastics starts today too! They are excited. Gotta run to get the day started!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Father Daughter Tea Party sweet is this!!!

Our church has tons of activities for the kids during summer break, and this was the first one!! It's hard to tell, but Josh and Jodee actually came straight from Dustin's baseball game--a very windy game, at that!! Yet, they still look good!!! Jodee had a blast, and loved spending some time with her daddy.

AND....Good news!! We had Jodee's eye appointment today, and Dr. Wright wants her to "take a break" from her glasses this summer!! We'll see how her eye does (the one that turns in), and see if her headaches go away. We had to go and buy some cool Hannah Montana sunglasses since she can wear them this summer! Yay! The boys also got new to come later!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baseball, T-ball, and swimming, oh my!

Whew--we ONLY have 5 games this week between Dustin and Jodee, plus our very first tournament this weekend (for Dustin). I'm just glad school is out!!! It's actually really fun to be out at the ball fields watching the kiddos have fun with their friends.
Here's Dustin playing 3rd base:And Jodee, cheesing for the camera:
And, on to swimming!! We inherited this HUGE pool from a co-worker of Josh's, and we are LOVING it! Plus the slip-n-slide:

We've only had one week of summer vacation from school so far, but we are having a blast!!
Between $1 movies, sleepovers, and all the baseball and swimming, we are staying busy and having fun.