Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outtakes...Easter edition

He wanted a pic by himself...being goofy:

 Can we sit in a more awkward position?  Still pretty cute, though!

Where's Dylan?

Emmy was nibbling fingers and shirts!

Happy belated Easter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Way too many Easter photos!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family.  Leading up to the weekend, we had bible study each night with the kids. They were all so interested in the true meaning behind Easter, and what it all is really about.  LOVED our studies!  Their questions were pretty amazing. I'm just happy they are understanding the story of Jesus to it's full extent.  I'm one proud momma!
This first pic just makes me smile.  Pure joy!
And yes, they are in their swimsuits!  They actually got in the pool that day--nice day, but the pool was freezing!

 Giving each other bunny ears:

 Some of my favorites of the eggs

 Classic bed-head on Easter morning! Loving the Star Wars Mighty Beanz:

A new cd....and another case of bed-head!

Fake fingernails! She was SO excited!


These make her look way too old...

Finding the eggs!

Yes, we went to church with only 1 egg still hiding.  Thankfully I found it before it started stinking!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Lately, much of our spare time is spent at the ballfield watching Dustin and Dylan play some awesome baseball!  They have both played SO well this season so far!  Just this week, Dustin made a double play to win the game, and Dylan also made a double play---almost unheard of in t-ball!  Way to go boys!!!  

We also had the 2nd grade program at their proud of our girl!  Here she is with a lion hat:

And the entire 2nd grade:

She has come such a long way this school year....she even agreed to a *solo in this performance!  She is an amazing singer, but no one would ever know (except for us, her family) because she is too shy to sing in front of an audience.  Her music teacher even asked if she had ever had singing lessons.  Nope!  What a gift!
*her solo was sung with another girl and 2 boys.  She was fine with that!!

So my kiddos!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oscar and Emmy

 Well, thanks to some great friends, we acquired two little bunnies to add to our crazy house!  They are super cute, and the kids (mostly Jo) have been BEGGING for a bunny for a long time.  Well, free bunnies, cage, food, could we pass that up?  They are pretty fun......

Oscar is the black and white, and Emmy is the brown. We don't know if they are boys or girls...we just hope they aren't one of each!  No baby bunnies for us, please!