Friday, February 29, 2008

Very cool neighbors...

What would your kids think--if this is what they saw looking out your front window of your house? WOOHOO!!! My kids are loving our neighbors right now! They run an inflatables company--check out their website at Jodee is good friends with their daughter, they go to school together and play almost every day at each other's houses...and it just so happens that they had to have inspection day today, so we get to enjoy their toys! Here are Jodee, Dylan, and their good friend resting at the bottom of a slide:
Having fun:
Too much fun!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Way to go Tigers!

GO TIGERS!!! Dustin's basketball team just finished the season UNDEFEATED!!! WOW--it was so cool! They had a blast and learned a lot--what a great way to enjoy his first season of basketball. We had a few interesting games (by interesting I mean WAY too stressful for me! He got spit at in his face at one game because he was actually playing defense and the other kid didn't like it!!! ), but overall, they were really fun to watch.
Here he is with his medal: And he wanted a picture of him pretending to do a slam dunk:
Too cute! He's so funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, we are having an interesting Valentine's Day to say the least! Dustin is home from school today with a fever, sore throat, stufffy nose, etc., etc. So he's bummed that he's missing his party! Jodee is feeling better, so she's very excited for her school party. When we all got out of bed this morning, I had set out their candy and little gifts on the table, and they were SO happy to see what they got. It's funny, but you know your kids are getting older when they are thrilled with a Jonas Brothers CD to share! They also got little puzzles that they get to color that say,"You're toadally cool" with a cute little toad on it. Then, they were even more excited when I went to the mailbox and got a HUGE package from their Grandma. They all got gift cards to Target with candy in the gift card--too cool! And pencils and cards...and Josh and I got a restaurant gift card so we can go on a date...very sweet! Thanks Mom! We also received a get well card from my grandma--much needed!
Josh came home from work for a few minutes with roses for his girls--beautiful red roses for me, and 1 pretty pink rose for Jodee. What a great husband and dad--we love our flowers!
Here are the kids this morning with some of their neat presents:And, I had to include this picture--Jodee and Poncho--too funny! Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

In the news...

Okay, I'm ready to not be "involved" in the news anymore! We have had 2 crazy newsworthy things, last night and this morning, that we are very close to. Yesterday around 4, there was a HUGE fire at a church right down the street from us! It happened after school was out, thankfully, but it was scary! It wasn't too close to our house, but close enough for the kids to be nervous. I had so many friends and family call to check on us because it was so close, but we were fine, but appreciate the calls!
Then, this morning, my mom told me that my friend's son was on the news, because he was missing! I have known her (the mom ) since preschool, and her 12 year old went missing yesterday after school. It was so scary this morning, but luckily they have found him and are talking through what happened. I was SO relieved to hear that they found him...I can't imagine what my friend was going through.
Anyways, I am really ready to not know what's going on in the news...I like it to be far away from my family and my friends.
Update on Dylan, he is finally feeling better today...yesterday he had 104 degree fever almost all day--that was NOT fun! But today he is definitely back to himself--he's so funny! I've missed my little comedian for the past couple of days! Glad he's back.
Have a great Friday everyone.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a day!

Well, let me just say, I'm glad yesterday is over! I had a chaotic day with a sick 3 year old, meeting at the school, church, dr. appointment, pharmacy run, etc...need I go on? Dylan has had a cough and runny nose, and started with a fever Tuesday night, so I naturally made a dr appointment for him, figuring it had turned into an ear infection or something. No, we get there (throwing up and all!, I know, that's gross!) and we have to get a chest x-ray done to check for pneumonia. The tech wanted him to stand with his face towards a screen and hold his breath--yeah right! He was so cranky and being stubborn, I think I looked at her like she was crazy! So, we did it a different way, where I had to restrain him while she takes the x-ray--nice! Well, she did say I did a good job, so I guess it worked. Poor guy! Anyways, the dr looked at them, and concluded that he has pneumonia!--Just what I DIDN'T want to hear! Well, after a little juggling of kids and church and trips to the pharmacy, we have him on his antibiotics, and he seems to be on the mend....whew!
Hope today goes smoother than yesterday! Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We got these pictures taken in December--at Target--let me say it, I love Target! They do a great job, and they are relatively inexpensive, and I love the pictures!!! Here are our 3 precious kids:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day!

I really have nothing to say about Groundhog Day, but wanted to put up some pictures!

First of all, Dustin has 2 basketball games today--and I am so excited because I actually get to go and watch! I usually have a gymnastics meet to judge--but this weekend, I judged last night instead of today. I LOVE watching him play--his team is great together, and SO cute! This picture is blurry, but he's shooting free throws:

Second, we went to Build-a-bear in the mall today, for each of the kids to make a stuffed animal. I've been promising them that we'd do this, and my stipulation was when Daddy is a manager...well, when mommy decides to quit working right after daddy becomes manager, that doesn't help the finances! So, we recovered from Christmas, and I decided we better do it now before I run out of money! It's SO expensive, just for a stuffed animal, but they've been very patient, so it was worth it (I think!). I took their picture outside so everyone could see our crazy weather here in OK. 2 days ago we had snow on the ground, today is sunny and in the 60's!

In case you can't tell, Dylan's bear is black, Dustin got a white tiger, and Jodee got a giraffe.

By the way, I think the groundhog saw his shadow...bummer!