Friday, March 28, 2008

Go Rangers!! Go Mets!!

We now have 2 ball players in the house--Dustin on the Rangers, and Jodee on the Mets. They both had their first games of the season on Tuesday--back to back, and it was a blast! We're just getting a taste of what's to come, I'm sure! Dylan wants to be playing too, so next year, we'll really have a full schedule!
Dustin and Jodee both enjoyed their games--played well, and had fun! That's what it's all about!

Here's our girl throwing a ball during warm ups:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad hair day.

Yes, this is what we woke up to Monday morning! What a way to start the week!!!
And, it is actually calmer in this picture--she had already tried to pat it down a little. Poor girl!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008

The kids LOVE easter! They love everything from coloring eggs:
and showing them off:
To dressing up in their new clothes for church--(even after getting up at 6:30 a.m.!!) and hunting for eggs hidden by the Easter bunny, and checking out their easter baskets:
And going to "Tasha Grandma's" (my grandma) house to hunt more eggs: And pointing out to grandma where an egg is hidden:

Can you tell we had fun? It was a great day--we love getting to see the family at grandma's house. We adults hide the plastic eggs for the teenagers, and they find them , and then they hide them for us--and trust me, they really hide them! It was great!
At lunch that day, Josh and I were talking about how we wonder if the kids even know what Easter is really all about...I figured they think Easter equals Easter bunny, candy, and little presents. Which it still does, but we asked them while we were eating, and Dustin and Jodee both knew that it was a day to remember how Jesus had died and came back to life. We were SO proud--and relieved!
Side note: We got a call on Saturday from Josh's parents telling us that his granfather, Pop pop, had a heart attack. He went in on Saturday and had a stint put in to relieve the pain, and is doing better. Please keep him in your prayers!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break:part 2 Roman Nose State Park

We decided it was time to go camping again, and we went to Roman Nose state park in Watonga, OK. It was so much fun--the kids are really good campers--they enjoy hiking, climbing, getting dirty, and looking at the stars at night. We knew it was going to get cold that night, and bought a tent heater--it was okay, but we were still a little chilly. I somehow got completely inside my sleeping bag--head and all, so I was nice and cozy, and didn't hear a thing all night. Josh, on the other hand, got woken up by Jodee around 2:00, who was cold, so he had her come cuddle with him, but then he couldn't sleep because he was stuck in one position on hard ground! So, he gave her his hoodie, and sent her back to her own sleeping bag...well, she was wide awake by then! So, they played "20 questions" for about 30 minutes till she was tired enough to go back to sleep. What a good Daddy! I asked him why he didn't just put her with me--I was in the huge 2 person sleeping bag by myself, and he said he tried, but I wouldn't wake up! When we all woke up, we had a yummy breakfast--and went hiking by the natural springs. They also have horseback riding there, and a spring-fed swimming pool. We may have to go back there this summer!

Loving the bandanas!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break: part 1

We had a great Spring Break last week....we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some good friends of ours on Monday, just check out the concentration on their faces...."we need tickets!"

Then, Tuesday, Dustin and Jodee both spent some time with friends, so Dylan and I got out some train tracks (thanks Lynda!!!) and had a blast!
We also spent Wednesday with Josh--the kids were so happy to have a whole day with Daddy--and we saw "Horton Hears a Who"--it was cute! Thursday and Friday we had more friends come over to our house, celebrated my cousin's birthdays, and got ready for our camping trip....more to come on that!!
Hope you all had a great Spring Break!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay--first of all, anyone who has children KNOWS that they surprise you with weird/unusual things sometimes. Just having children can make your home a little strange, just look at my friend's blog (Alexander's)--who knew you'd have a spatula in the bathtub! Well, after saying all of that, my children have surprised me once again--last night as they were taking baths, Dustin came out telling us we'd better go see what Jodee did...we didn't hurry in there, it just sounded like he was trying to get her in trouble. So, eventually we got there, and she had a funny look on her face, kind of like, "please don't spank me--I was having fun". So I walked all the way into the bathroom, and look what I see on the walls surrounding the tub:

I see this white stuff sticking to the walls, and have to ask what in the world is it? It's Kleenex! How did she know that if she gets it wet and throws it with all of her might, that it will stick? I think she used 4 or 5 Kleenex, and I really think her brothers were in on it, just didn't want to admit to it. Josh and I busted out laughing--and since it was an easy clean up, and not anything gross, we let it go...I find it hard to punish my baby girl while I'm laughing at what she did!

Hope you all have a fun spring break!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We miss our little Poncho...

Our sweet little chihuahua Poncho died on Monday. He was almost 12 years old, and we have had him for 11 years. He was a part of our family--and we are missing him so much!

The kids are all so different in how they're handling it...Dustin is the thinker--he's very quiet and doesn't ask a lot of questions yet. He did let himself cry that morning...which was probably good. Jodee also cried, but she is full of questions and comments. She is always saying something about him, or asking me very detailed questions about what happened. Dylan really doesn't get it...he lets everyone know what happened in a very matter of fact way--no emotion with it or anything. I wasn't sure about him because he was really close to Poncho--and called him "Buddy" and everything, but I just don't think he understands.

Here is Poncho with Roxy when she was a puppy:

Taking a bath!

"I'm a cool rider!"

Our little watch dog:

Poncho with baby Dustin:

Our 1st Christmas with Poncho:

Poncho's broken leg in 2001:Buddies.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend with Mimi and Paw paw

Last weekend Mimi and Pawpaw (Josh's mom and dad) came up from Austin for a little visit--and let me tell you, the kids were excited! It was a short visit, but we fit in a lot of fun! We got to shop for easter clothes for the kids, and Josh got a birthday present, and we got to go out to eat at a great restaurant in Guthrie, "Boneyard Grill"--very yummy! We also shared the video of Dustin's program, and even got Mimi to play the Wii! I think she beat the kids soundly at bowling!
We had a great time, and can't wait to see them again!!
Okay, one more picture, we got a new comforter for our bedroom, and I had to share! We love it--I love getting new things! And good deals, too. I will tell you all again, I really like Target!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Go Fish!

Dustin had his 2nd grade program this week--titled, can you guess?--Go Fish! It was SO cute--and Dustin had a pretty big speaking part. He was a needle fish--and was adorable! The Thursday night performance was particularly exciting when towards the end of the hour long program, one of his classmates got sick!!! It was SO sad....but the rest of the kiddos finished strong and did a really good job. Here is the needle fish and the great white shark:And I had to throw in some fun pictures of Guitar Heroes that live in my house: check out the concentration!
Hope you all have a great weekend....we are looking forward to Mimi and Paw paw coming to visit tonight!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy 31st Josh!

Well, he's really "in" his 30's now! Happy Birthday Josh! We have had a great weekend so far--date night last night, bummer that he had to work today, but we went out to eat for dinner, and came home to open presents: Notice the pink Victoria's Secret bag--Jodee wanted to make her daddy laugh by giving him a present in a pink bag! It was funny...then if you notice below, the present was a BUNCH of papers--some were drawings, others were torn out of coloring books, but there were lots! She sure does love her daddy!
Dustin got him Monster energy drinks--something fun that they share when we go camping--I think they're gross...but they seem to like them! And he got a new tie- no picture of that one--but it's very cool. This is Dylan trying to NOT tell Daddy what the big present is:
And now, for the best present of the evening:
Woo hoo! The kids are SO excited and can't wait to play it! Josh is playing it right now as I'm typing this--it's pretty fun!
FYI--I went in to play it a minute ago, and got the high score on a certain song (on easy, in case you were wondering!), and he just walked in and said "there, I got that fixed", and I asked him what he meant--and he said he had to beat my score!!! HA--just wait till next week--I'm home with the kiddos all day...hmmm...what will I be doing???

Josh's new wedding ring!

Josh got a new wedding ring!! Not for a special occasion or anything, but the one we got married with was gold, and kept getting bent (while he was working on cars and stuff), and after having it sized, it cracked and kept pinching his finger, so we got a new one. This picture doesn't do it justice--it's a beautiful ring! It's made of tungsten--won't bend or get scratched--perfect for his job. We love it! I'm so glad he has a nice new ring--he deserves it!