Monday, September 21, 2009

Ping pong, baseball, what more could you want?

We started off our weekend with a little table tennis at the OC Student Center! Brought back some great memories for Josh and me, although, the new student center is MUCH nicer now than it was back in 95! The kids absolutely loved playing ping pong--they were so funny! Dustin also got some pool in--I know he's making his great grandpa proud!
Jodee--wondering what to do:
And more concentration:

We also had a baseball tournament this weekend for Dustin's team, the Rangers. On Saturday, we were playing really well, then it started raining! They had to cancel the rest of the games that day, unfortunately, and then we had to play again on Sunday.

Dylan catching raindrops:
My baby boy and me during the rain delay:On Sunday, Dustin was the pitcher for a while:
We had a great weekend. Busy, but fun! Looking forward to another crazy week!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to school (again!)

For those of you out there in blogland that don't already know, Josh is going back to school at OC! He is going to get his degree in Bible, and hopefully eventually become a pulpit minister, or young families minister. He is loving school, well, I say that, but I know he's enjoying learning. We are still trying to figure out part time jobs and how to make more money while he's in school, but as of right now, we feel like we're doing well. God is amazing! We have seen so many times how He is working in our lives right now, there's no denying that it's all God!

Here is Josh in his home away from home, the Bible building at OC:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rollin' down the river

We planned a fun float trip for this Saturday, floating down the Illinois River in Tahlequah, OK! Josh and I have been a couple of times, but the kids have never had the pleasure of riding in a raft, until today!
Here they are on the bus on the way to our drop-off point:Enjoying the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l weather--couldn't have asked for better weather! At one point, we stopped to let the kids play in the shallow water, and they loved finding minnows and tadpoles---they even caught one!The captain: A few funnies of the day....Dustin and Jodee decided to get in and float in their life jackets--totally fine with us--they are good swimmers, we were right there, it was fine! Well, we came up to a quick moving current (still no problem!), and they were loving it, UNTIL Jodee started screaming crying because she thought our raft was going to leave her! Dustin pulled her along, and Josh finally got her in the raft, and we had to reassure her that she would have been fine, we were right there, NOT going without her! Poor girl! Later on, we found a perfect place to jump in deeper water and swim around, and we all enjoyed that. I was glad she wasn't scarred for life!
Then, at the very end, we let the kids play in the water where we turn the raft and oars in, where it was shallow, a little bit of current moving it along, but once again, no big deal. Well, Dylan got in the current and freaked! It was so sad--but he never went under, he just floated down, and Dustin came to the rescue! It made Dustin feel so big--what a good brother! All in all, it was a blast! I told Josh we need to make this a yearly tradition--I love it!!!
Here is a fun little pic I enhanced on Picnik:

Then, on our way home, we stopped at Lake Ft. Gibson at the Pizza Port to eat. This was hilarious! We loved the small town atmosphere until these two 'hillbillies' (or as my kids would say, "hillybills") walked in. The guy had NO shirt on, the girl was drunk, and they went and sat outside and made out!! Seriously! It was funny-but a really good restaurant! We made it! What a fun little vacation!