Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, for my readers that don't live in Oklahoma, it snowed today! We were hoping for a little more, and for good packing snow to make a snowman, but we had fun with what was given to us. We had fun "ice skating" on the sidewalk, and playing on the trampoline...

Dustin is already hoping for no school tomorrow, but I don't know...I hope he's not holding his breath!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Valentine Wreath:

I am pretty proud of this wreath--and it was my first attempt at making a wreath! Josh and I had seen one like this in Target for $20 or so, and I looked it over and decided I could do that myself! It didn't save much money (although Hobby Lobby was having a sale on the flowers, thankfully!), but it's cool to have a homemade wreath.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, we're officially back to our normal, everyday life around here! Sorry about the delay in posting, there hasn't been much to post about, but here are some cute pictures from the last few weeks...

Dylan has really taken to Poncho (our 11 year old chihuahua). Poncho has actually gotten nicer the older he's become, which is unusual for chihuahuas, but we're thankful! He puts up with Dylan constantly petting him, pestering him, and trying to play with him! All good intentions, but you never know how a dog is going to see it! Here is Dylan with his buddy (who isn't normally allowed on the couch), but Dylan asked so nicely, and I got a cute picture out of the deal, so it's okay. We continue to enjoy "Science Museum Oklahoma"-- here are Jodee and Dylan touching a ball python...Dustin was jealous!
Here is my little cook making Valentine cupcakes on the kitchen floor--I guess she thought she could reach easier.
And, since I didn't have Dustin in any of the previous pictures, here he is today--chilling on the couch after a long day at school. Oh, the life of a 2nd grader!
We have had a great January, Josh's job is going very well, and I am still loving being home with my kiddos, and only my kiddos! We play lots of games, read lots of books, and of course, fit in some Wii everyday! haha
Hope all of our blog readers are doing well--I promise to post more often!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Starting the New Year...

We are getting back on a schedule again, after Christmas break, and I have to say, I really like having a schedule every day! We are so much more organized, and my house actually gets cleaned on a regular basis, and the kids are well rested and happy!
This picture is the weekend before going back to school at the Science Museum Oklahoma. They are all on the teeter-totter at the big treehouse...lots of fun! Tuesday after school, we ventured out to the zoo (yes, it was cold and windy, but if you know us, weather has never stopped us from visiting a zoo! haha!!!)
Here they are in front of a deer:

And posing on the lion statues:
We love our OKC Zoo!

And here are the kids playing our Wii! We are loving it...and fyi, Nintendo did a great job with fixing our Wii. It was not working right when we took it out of the box, so after we contacted them, they paid for shipping and it took less than 2 weeks to get it fixed and back to our house! It's so much fun--Josh and I were up so late last night playing it!
Happy 2008, everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dinner at the Fowler's

Tonight at dinner, we had some funny moments that I had to share!
First, the question was posed, do our dogs have middle names? We have a chihuahua named Poncho, so I said "Villa", and the kids thought it was strange, so they started saying other names. We also came up with Roxy "Marie" for our dalmatian, in case you were wondering!
When you read this next bit, just remember that it's all happening simultaneously...
Dustin: Poncho Pooh Fowler, no not poo, but Pooh the name!
Jodee: (singing) Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away....
Dylan: (calling out loudly) Poncho!! Poncho!! Poncho!! Poncho!! etc...

Josh and I looked at each other and just had to laugh!

Later in the meal, we had started a discussion on promises, because Dustin was "triple-dog-daring" Jodee to eat all of the cheese dip, and said "in real life, you promise?" Josh told him that really doesn't make any sense, and thus started the converstion about promises. He talked about how he and mommy promised to love each other in front of God and everyone at our wedding, etc, and towards the end of the talk, Dustin pulls out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle slime and makes us all start laughing! I guess he understood the promise thing...I hope!

Dinner is always exciting at our house, just thought I should share one little moment with you all!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas in Austin

We had a great time in Austin with Josh's family last was a quick weekend trip, unfortunately, but still loads of fun! It's always so nice to get the whole family together, whether it's here in Oklahoma, or down in Texas, that's what the holidays are all about--being together. We really have enjoyed this whole Christmas break with all of our family.

Here are a bunch of the grandkids anxiously awaiting their gifts!

One of Dylan's favorites--I love the look on his face!
Dustin and his very cool Transformer:
Jodee and her new favorite game, "High School Musical DVD game"--yes, we're learning the dances! It's fun!
Two sweet girls in their beautiful dresses made by Mimi:
One of the highlights of the weekend was the karaoke singing done by most of the is Jodee and Daddy singing a High School Musical 2 song:
Dustin and Micah--trying to read the words fast enough to sing them:

And last but not least, the newest addition to the family, Jordan and Jen's puppy, Lola:

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!