Monday, January 31, 2011

SCU Force!

 Dustin LOVES basketball!  We got him on a great team at Sports City U this year, and he is having a blast!

Check out this action that his feet are off the floor! Look at that form!

Prayer before every game...

Having a good time!

I'm throwing this pic in here at the end...just because I love it! This is Miley, Dustin's dog...she is precious.  So sweet and good natured with all the kids (even my babysitting kiddos that like to lay on top of her!).  I think she is so cute all curled up in this picture!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little of everything

 I realized I have left a LOT out of the blog....the craziness of life has taken over all of my time!  From being a supportive wife of an adult college student, the mom of 3 awesome kiddos, a child care provider for 6 kids, coaching and judging gymnastics, learning to live gluten-free (and learning from the consequences of NOT being gluten free), learning to really use coupons.....needless to say, the blog has taken the backseat!  I feel like we are living in fast forward, but we are trying so hard to enjoy and savor every moment we have as a family.  Here are just a few pictures to remind me of this time:

 The eclipse....we all woke up, with the exception of Dylan, to see this amazing sight.  It was beautiful!

We spent some good, quality time at Science Museum Oklahoma learning to ride on a segway, 

catching shadow rocks in our mouths,

and learning about crime scene investigations (and autopsies!).

Christmas morning was so fun!  I love the excitement on their faces!

Especially the excitement of a 6 year old:

So sweet...

And my own excitement....getting NKOTB tickets for next summer!

Yeah...I have some tough boys:

Fun times with cousins in Texas

LOTS of cousins!

We are so very blessed. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jen

What a fun weekend!  Josh's brother Jordan and his wife Jen came up for a visit--we love those cheap airline tickets!  We had a a wonderful time just hanging out relaxing, watching movies, playing games...and also throw in a trip to the science museum and the zoo...and that was our weekend!  Couldn't have been any better.  I didn't take a whole lot of pictures....but here is one:

We love you Jordan and Jen!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Not sure how this is even possible..but I have an 11 year old.  Just C.R.A.Z.Y.  Time has flown by...Dustin is in 5th grade--top of the food chain in elementary school, soon to be in middle school, soon to be a TEENAGER!!!!   Where did the time go?  He is such a fun kiddo...always making us laugh at something..he is very quick with jokes and knows how to be sarcastic to make it funny.  I love it!  Sometimes he seems so old, and other times it's very evident he's only a child.  Love you Dusty!

We had a 'friend' party the first day of winter break...and of course, it was football time!  Too bad we couldn't invite all of his friends...he would have loved that!  They had a blast, and thanks to my cousin Taylor, and to Josh, they had refs and quarterbacks.  
Here is part of the group:

 Here is Dustin and his best buddy checking out a new game:

Had a basketball game the same day as his party:  he is loving this basketball team!

And, his family party....his basketball number is 25:

We now have 3 pillow pets in our house!

Dylan really likes the empty box:

Dustin's newest prized possession....and the only present he wanted from us:

 Personalized with his nickname his daddy has called him since he was born:

The kiddos and their awesome big brother!

Happy Birthday, Dustin!!!  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cool Christmas present

One of the coolest presents we got for the kids this Christmas was a family pass to the Science Museum. We usually buy one every other year, but they had no idea they were getting one right now!  With Josh in school, and me 'bringing home the bacon', we had already told them we just don't have a lot of money, so be happy with what you get!  I got a great deal on back in September for a 1/2 off year was SO hard to keep it a secret!  We gave them this present a couple days early so we could use it before we went to was SO worth it!

Check out this illusion:

And, my favorite new exhibit...a crime scene is the autopsy room:

We love Science Museum Oklahoma!