Friday, June 29, 2007

New Floor and New Furniture!

Here is a quick post before we leave for our trip--to show off our new wood floor that Josh worked SO hard on, and our new furniture (with our cute little model posing on the loveseat). We bought the furniture from our good friends who are leaving tomorrow for Vienna, Austria to be missionaries. (Check out the link under "Fowler Friends") I love it--it totally changes the look of our living room, as does the new floor!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy (early) Birthday Dylan!

We had Dylan's 3rd birthday party June 23rd, only 8 days early, because we will be out of town on his real birthday, but 3 year olds don't care! He had a "Cars" birthday--because he really likes Mater--although I couldn't find a Mater cake pan, so he enjoyed his Lightening McQueen. We just have family parties when the kids are this young, so we had a blast with my whole family here (except my sis Hayley--we missed you!) --had a hot dog dinner, and cake and ice cream, and Dylan raked in the presents! It
looked like Christmas! He was SO funny--he got shy when we were all looking at him to blow out his candle--and he had Dustin do it for him! Talk about stage fright! Maybe he'll blow out a candle next week on his real bday--we'll see!

Here he is with his baseball toy--he loved it and was gettting the hang of it till it stopped working! We're going to exchange it soon--he really had fun with it!


We had a GREAT VBS week! Our theme this year was "Know Jesus", and the kids learned about Jesus walking on the water, healing the blind man, resurrection, and the sermon on the mount. I taught a class on the blind man--the kids were so excited to come to mommy's class! It was cute. We had around 850 kids the first day--our numbers were actually down from last year if you can believe that! I taught in the 3, 4, and 5 year old groups. We had 4 groups a day, so by Friday I could recite the story from memory--ha! The kids had a blast--this was Dylan's first year to participate--and he did so well! Can't wait till next year....

Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy 10th Anniversary! Our anniversary was June 21st--we had a wonderful date at the Olive Garden--spur of the moment--we couldn't plan ahead because Josh plays softball on Thursday nights, but since we've had a TON of rain, his games were rained out, so we got to go on a date! It was very nice, quiet, and relaxing--perfect! We feel so blessed to be so happy in our marriage, and so blessed to have each other. I love you Josh!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Official!

YAY! We are diaper free! Dylan has been working on potty training for a while now, and I learned years ago with Dustin not to push it, and it'll be much easier, so....I was patient, and it finally happened! He hasn't worn diapers in about a week, and we've had 3 nights with no accidents in bed! Woohoo! I waited to post this blog until I was sure it was for real this time, he has tried to trick us before--but this time it's definite. I do have to say Jodee was a big helper, cheering him along the way, she's a great 2nd mommy to him.
Anyways, had to share our excitement!!
Yay Dylan!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zoo camp

Last week we had a fun day at the zoo! Dustin and a buddy of his actually spent their mornings last week at "Zoo Camp" learning about animals of the sea. They had so much fun--he's already talking about next year. Thursday, instead of coming home while the boys were at the zoo, we stayed and walked around too. Here are some cute pics of my kids with their friends enjoying the zoo.

Dustin and his friend

Dylan and his friend

Jodee and her friend

The kids love having such good friends to play with!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sea Creatures??

We went out to eat Friday night at Chili's, and everyone got their normal, the kids all got either pizza or mac-n-cheese with french fries--really healthy, I know! Dustin loves mustard with his fries, so the waitress brought out a little bowl of mustard. We were all eating, talking, then all of a sudden I hear Dustin say, "Doesn't this look like those little sea creatures that you eat?" I didn't understand what he meant, so he said it again, and I looked at what he was doing, and he had stuck probably 10 or 15 french fries in the bowl, lined up like shrimp! You can tell we are not sea food lovers, since our 7 year old calls shrimp sea creatures! ha!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Jordan's Big Day

Well, we made it down to Texas for Jordan and Jen's wedding! It was beautiful--they looked so happy! Before the wedding, Josh and the kids had some fun in Mimi and Pawpaw's pool, in their newly redone yard. Here are Dustin and Jodee....And here is Dylan chillin' on daddy...We had lots of fun at the wedding--it was outside, so a little warm, but luckily no rain! Here is Jordan and Jen with some of the nephews and neices...And here are the kiddos at the wedding. They were so well behaved--I couldn't have asked for more!
Overall, it was a great weekend! Congrats to Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jen! No more trips as a family for a while, whew. We are looking forward to some nice relaxing time at home!