Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun with Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jen

We had a GREAT visit from Josh's brother and his wife a couple weekends ago.  We don't get many visitors up here in Oklahoma, so this was extra special!  I unfortunately had to miss out on half of the weekend because I was working, but I know everyone was having fun!  They even got to go to a Thunder basketball game!  (I don't have a picture of that)
It was chilly, so we (they) all spent a lot of time doing this:

Yep....playing the Wii!  We got Mario Kart--our new fave, and Jordan and Jen brought some other games up for us to play.  It was so much fun!  I'm not a huge video game fan, but the wii is nice because we can all play and get involved.
I thought this next pic was hilarious....they're both engrossed in their computers:

Thanks to Jen, I was introduced to subscribe and save....what a wonderful thing to find!  I love it! Check it out if you haven't already.  You can get anything on shipping, 15% off their price, shipped to your home as often as you like.  It's all in bulk, so I signed up for the every 6 months time frame, and I won't have to buy dishwasher soap, laundry soap, or toilet paper at Wally world ever again! Woohoo! That right there makes me happy.

This next pic is at the the picture.  What a fun weekend.  We love you Jordan and Jen!

It made me sad that we couldn't go and watch their airplane take off.  I remember doing that when I was little.  We drove around the airport and watched another plane take off--which was enjoyable, but not the same.

Friday, January 22, 2010


We had SO much fun playing in the snow we got in the "BLIZZARD OF 09".  Yes, that's what we're calling it down here in OK.  I know all of my Iowa friends are saying, "Seriously?", but yes, we're just gonna go with it.  A week after the blizzard, the snow was perfect for making a snowman!! (And a snow dog.  And a snow wall).
Here is Dylan trying to peg his daddy with a snowball:

The infamous snow wall......and yes, Jodee is pretending to throw a snowball at me!

I love this picture...he still looks little!  He's posing by the snow dog:  Can you even see the snow dog?  Look closely.....

Goofin' off with Frosty:

You wouldn't believe how long it took to get all 3 kids on the wall and looking at me....ridiculous!! But aren't they cute?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice Skating

Over Christmas break, Jodee was begging to go ice skating. It all started with a movie she watched...and she decided she wants to be an ice skater. I thought we better try it out before she jumps to any conclusions, so we went to the local rink here in Edmond and had so much fun! Here are the kids with their ice skates on, ready to go:About 20 feet onto the ice, this happened:Can you see the HUGE bump on her forehead? She totally twisted around (unintentionally) and hit her face/head on the ice. It was awful! I wasn't sure she was going to keep going, but she did--what a strong girl! She actually caught on and skated for another 1 1/2 hours.

Here are Dustin and Jodee--away from the wall!! Dustin never stayed by the wall--he knew what he was doing! We are thinking of letting him try hockey--how cool is that? We will get through baseball season first, then look into it. He was a great skater!
Silly Dylan:
He had so much fun...for about an hour. That was enough for his little feet! But he did really well....I thought he was going to pull me down a couple of times, but we made it!! (Josh and I had a lot of fun too--I laughed SO much! But, never fell down!)

I love this picture:
And this one, too:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cruisin' the Oklahoma River

Back in December (yes, I know, I'm like a month late) we got to ride a boat on the Oklahoma River for free! Great deal: free hot chocolate and a free ride! We had a nice time. It was a little chilly, but not terrible.Here are the boys being goofy:
I love this picture of Dylan and Josh:"I'm the king of the world!"Our family: