Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play ball!

Last night was Dylan and Dustin's second games of the season. Dylan was first, and they played GREAT! It was so cute--Dylan was the catcher this time....and he sat like this the ENTIRE time!!! Seriously--never got up--even when the ball went by him. It was hilarious! He hit really well last night, too. Got 3 rbi's overall, and when he ran home, he tried to slide!!

Dylan (on the right) with some of his good buddies: (thanks to my friend Lesley for some great pics!!)

We got over to Dustin's game just in time for them to cancel it! Thunderstorms were rolling in, so now we will play next Wednesday. (This time, thanks to my dad for some great pics--thankfully he got some before the game was canceled!!)

Here he is warming up--he was going to be our first pitcher of the night!The cool clouds:

There will be many more of these for me to post about...no worries. They each have 14 games!

Oh, and so Jodee is not left out, she got her backhandspring on the floor tonight at gymnastics!! Go Jo!!

A weekend in Elk City, OK

We spent most of our weekend in Elk City, OK. We visited with some friends at the 2nd and Adams Church of Christ.

We also had some fun in our hotel while we were there--in the center of the hotel, they had miniature golf, ping pong, shuffleboard, plus the indoor pool and hot tub. It was great!Here is my "Tiger Woods" of mini golf:Learning how to play ping pong..it was pretty funny!This is the new game they made up in our room....don't ask. I don't know.Enjoying some pizza at the pool:They had a banana tree in the pool area....the INDOOR pool area. Very interesting!

We had a fun time!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Cubs!!

Dylan's first t-ball game was last night....too adorable! He's so little--it's hard for me to remember Dustin this little playing t-ball. To tell the truth, I don't even know if we won or not...I just enjoyed watching them have fun. The other team was pretty funny--one kid ran (after hitting the ball) straight to 3rd base--nevermind 1st or 2nd, he just wanted to make it to 3rd! It was so funny.

I love our uniforms...the coaches decided to do "real" uniform jerseys instead of the EASI t-shirts, and I think they look great. The boys were pumped when they saw them--and don't be fooled by my non-smiling boy--he really likes his uniform! ha!

This picture makes me laugh--HUGE helmet, little boy!! Go Cubs!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go Rangers!!

We won!! Woohoo! What a great way to start the season. We actually had a tournament a couple weekends ago, but I never had time to post about it, but it was good too! We have a "new" team this year--about half of our team from last year is back, and we joined up with part of another team. It's working out really well. The other coach and the parents are all so nice and supportive of the team, so we're all excited for a great season.

Anyways, back to our first game...last night. We were supposed to get storms in the evening, so we were all thinking we wouldn't play. But, the weather held up, and we played...in the CRAZY wind, some rain, some thunder, and at the end, some lightning!! On our way out of the ballpark it started pouring! Glad it waited till our game was over. The game was so much fun to watch..the boys are really coming along. I love how Dustin encourages his teammates--yelling for them, telling them where the play is..it's SO cute!

Here are some pics, not from last night (I wasn't about to take the camera when it was supposed to rain!), but they're from the tournament.

Go Rangers!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break--part 2

Well, aside from the 4 birthday parties we've been to in the past 24 hours, the end of our spring break has been relaxing! Yes, you read it right, 4 birthday parties!!! They were all a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast!

To back up, we went to an indoor waterpark on Thursday in Kingfisher. It was awesome! Very inexpensive, good lifeguards, a good slide, a regular diving board and a high dive, and much more! The kids were SO excited for the diving boards!! Dustin was so brave and did the high dive, Jodee did the lower one--with no floaties or anything, and Dylan didn't want any help--and jumped off (with floaties)--totally by himself!

This is Dustin doing the "Michael Jordan" in the air:
Jodee jumping in!
Dylan jumping---I love his legs!
We had a blast--we met up with some family--who probably do not want me to post pictures of them, so I'll honor their wishes--but it was fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 09

We don't usually do anything "big" for spring break, but now that all 3 kids are in school, we thought we'd take advantage of the break, and have a mini vacation! Josh needed some time away from his work, too, so it was perfect.
We went to Six Flags on Monday and Tuesday--the kids have never been before, so it was a huge deal to them! Six Flags is enormous compared to Frontier City, here in OKC. We met up with Casey and Amber, Josh's brother and wife, and their three kiddos--SO much fun! My kids miss seeing all of their cousins...they all live in Austin.

Here are just a few of the pics from our 2 days of craziness--it was SO crowded!
This is Dylan's all time favorite--he was still talking about it on our way home!Here they are on their first ride:With Sylvester:Jodee and Samantha--practicing a little dance:Josh and some of the boys:

They're reading the map--I thought it was way too cute! Look how Dylan's standing!!!All 6 kids:Momma and Dylan riding the batman ride:Can you find the Fowler's? Our kids are there, in the doorway. They're holding their precious prizes. Dustin won a Texas basketball for himself, a Flash (superhero) basketball for Dylan, and Jodee has 2 stuffed animals. Just what we need. Dustin and Quentin on the airplanes:With the "Six Flags man".....notice Dylan is not in the picture...he was a little freaked out. Can you blame him?We had a great time. Dustin rode SO many big rides--his favorite was the Titan. Jodee's fave was Shockwave, and Dylan's favorite was the bobsled ride (I know, I know, it's not supposed to be a bobsled, but that's what we call it!!!). Superman was a rush! I loved it! I love any rides...and so does Josh. We can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yep, I went to another New Kids concert! I was SO excited to hear they were adding dates onto their tour, and that Tulsa was one of those! My friend, Angie, and I decided right away that we would love to go again, so that's just what we did! Josh actually helped us get good tickets, a day before they went on sale, and we were happy with what we got. But, even better than that, Angie talked to a friend from high school (the same one who helped us out last time), and she talked to Danny Wood, and he gave us comp tickets---SO close to the stage! It was unbelievable! Plus, he got us after show passes, AND he met us before the concert! He was really nice, really short, (ha!), but a great guy! It was amazing! Angie and I were both sort of star struck, and were just trying to chat, and he asked if we had a camera or anything....DUH! Of course we had a camera--but we hadn't even thought of it yet! Thanks, Danny! I would've been so mad at myself if I hadn't gotten a pic with him!

This picture show how close we were to the stage!Me and Danny:
The Jabbawockeez dance crew was the opening act, and they were so good! I really liked seeing them--they were on the show "America's Best Dance Crew".

The concert was the BEST! They added a few different songs, and changed some things around...it was great!



Lookin' good:

This was the snapshot at the end of "Click Click Click"...it was great! Donnie is jumping, Danny is doing an elbow-stand, and Jon is doing something like a cartwheel!

Thankfully, I don't really have another story like last time--the contact lady. There were some interesting people around us, but overall, everyone was pretty normal!

Here we are at the after show:

What a fun experience! Thanks for going with me Ang!
One more funny pic--Donnie took my camera, and tried to take a pic of us 3--when he looked at it, he said " You can see my brain"...so he gave the camera to a girl that took a picture of us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jonas Brothers Rock!

Yep....we did it. Jonas Brothers 3-D concert at the movie theater! It actually was a lot of fun--and I'm so glad we didn't go on opening weekend. There were 2 other groups of people in our theater...it was nice! We had fun with the glasses, too! Can you tell?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice weather = Zoo

If you haven't noticed, anytime we have good weather, I always post about going to the zoo! It's one of our favorite places. I have a degree in Biology, so naturally, I love my kids learning about animals, the earth, and everything that God made! We went 3 days in a row this past week--soaking up the sun.
Here are my 3 with 2 of our good buddies:My kids checking out the sea lions...I love how Dylan's pointing at the sea lions!
And, some of our faves...the meerkats, aka Timon!