Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hulk......flying a kite?

Yep--you read that right.... We had fun a couple weeks ago flying the new kites from Easter...and Dylan lived in the Hulk costume for about a week--rode bikes in it, flew kites in it, wanted to go to school in it, but mean mom had to say no. It was so funny!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


WOW! Let me just say, I absolutely loved doing the half-marathon! I never pictured myself doing it, but after being asked by a friend (Karyn)--decided I might as well try. I am so glad we did it! I seriously can't wait to do another one! Well, give me a couple weeks to recover, then I'm ready! ha! Josh and the kids were involved in the OKC Memorial Marathon too--Josh was supposed to do the half--actually run it--but hurt his knee a couple weeks ago and decided to hang with the kids and do the Kid's Marathon. I'm so glad he got to enjoy them when they did it! It was so neat. They had so much fun, and they got to see Mama and her friends cross the finish line! Renee and I had enough energy to run part of the time (our original plan was to walk the half--but running up the hills actually felt better on our legs....that's weird, I know!), and we ran across the finish line! It felt great--and we did it in 3:37:19. Pretty good for our first time, and only training a little bit.

I don't have many pics yet, but here's what I have so far. I'll post more later! (or you can check out the Johnson's blog for more pics).
Here are the kids after the 1.2 that they ran. They got medals and treats! Shannon Miller was there to promote exercising--pretty cool, except my kids didn't know who she was! Dylan is on my cousin's shoulders trying to find his Mom in the crowds of people! Here we come! Renee and me in the red shirts...getting ready to run some more! Yes, the girl in the yellow shirt is finishing 26.2....Our family:

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Land Run of '09

All of the 3rd graders at Dustin's school were able to re-enact the land run today! They learned about "sooners", learned how to square dance, made corn husk dolls, made butter, played games that children from that time period would have played, and made picture frames. Dustin had a blast! They all dressed up, too. Dustin's dress up was pretty tame....just wait till Jodee is in 3rd grade! I got some great ideas for her outfit....only 3 more years!!

Here's Dustin making his corn husk doll:

Working hard on his picture frame...his teacher took pictures of their land run "families" and will have them printed in black and white.
After I picked Jodee and Dylan up from school, we went to the park and watched Dustin and the land run! Here they are in their clothes for the run:

Dustin and his family getting ready!
They found their piece of land and were setting it all up:
Look at their covered wagon!! Dustin's friend's dad did that for us....very cool!
They also decided to make some shade--very creative--with their extra stakes.

And here's what Dylan was doing:
It was so cool---I'm so glad I got to help out with it, and be there to see him run! I know the other kids liked it too--they will be looking forward to 3rd grade now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Mouse Hunter

Yes, you read that right. And in the picture below--it's the face on the right. First of all, it's pretty disgusting to even think of mice being in your house....second of all, it's SO much more gross to think that your part beagle/ part cattle dog tracks them down, kills them, and leaves them on the floor for yours truly to pick up and throw away (before the kids freak out). I didn't know we had our little mice friends until yesterday, we let Miley in the house to spend some quality time with her--when she gets frantic, sniffing along the ground like a crazy dog, and eventually finds a poor little mouse and proceeds to "play" with it, thus killing it. Thank you, Miley. But, come on--that's SO gross! I don't even want to say how many she's found in the past 24 hours.
Well, I plugged up some holes around some pipes, so hopefully this will prevent any more mice from finding their way into the mouse-hunter's territory, but until then...I'd better go check the floors for any more surprises!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend '09

Well, I have WAY too many pictures to put on one post, so I picked just a few to share. We started on Saturday with an egg hunt at Oklahoma Christian University: It was wonderful! They had SO many eggs out, that the kids' baskets were overflowing! If you look closely in this pic, Dylan even had some in his pockets!!That night, we colored eggs. This was one of everyone's favorites, specially made by Daddy! It's the OKC Thunder logo:Here are the happy kids with their millions of colored eggs!
I love this reaction to spiderman sunglasses!!

In their nice clothes:

Our family:

Sunday afternoon we went to my grandma's for an indoor egg hunt, and fun with my family. The kids got SO much candy, and some fun toys.
The weekend wore Dylan out!

There you have it. We had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poor dog.

Here is what Miley has to put up with. I think she likes it.

Yes, he's sitting on her.