Monday, March 28, 2011

A conversation

Dylan and I were in the car today alone...that doesn't happen very often, so he started talking away.  Here is our sweet, funny conversation:
D:  I have a crush on two girls.
M: Who are they?
D: A and J.
M:  (Sounding very interested)
D:  I used to have a girlfriend, but she broke up with me.
M: Why?
D:  I don't know!
M: Next time, you should find out why!
D: Well, I didn't break up with her, so I still like her.  Do you know what a frenemy is?
M: (containing my laughter), what is a FRENEMY?
D: (in a 'duh' voice) ...a friend and an enemy!!!!

This goes on for a while, but my thoughts stayed on the term 'frenemy'.  SO stinkin' funny!  What in the world?
That's okay. I found out last week that he told a boy on his baseball team that he was 'a brotha from anotha motha' because they had the same mitt. Where does he hear these things?  I am constantly laughing at him..he is our little comedian for sure.  Well...he does have some good competition from his brotha from the same motha!!!

Busy much?

Yeah, so, busy is the word of the month around here.  Between gymnastics meets, baseball season starting, a beautiful wedding to attend, and our typical everyday life, we have been super busy this past month!  Here is a short catch up to our life....

Dustin was chosen to represent his school with 3 other kids and present a check to Edmond Memorial High School for their annual fundraiser called Swine Week.  It was AWESOME!  I was so excited to see him present in front of a million (okay, not exactly a million, but it was a lot!) people, and he even got to talk in the microphone! Way to go! He's much braver than I am!  I also got to visit with my good friends that I used to work with....I miss them SO much!  

Here he is with the his 'smiley' friends?  I thought that would be better than posting kids on here w/o asking their parents....I think it's kind of cute! 

We also went to Josh's cousin, Cara's wedding.  Here are the kiddos with the beautiful bride!

 Every other week, the kids and I go to Oakcrest Church of Christ with Josh on Sunday evening.  Our Sundays are busy with him preaching at Tealridge and Oakcrest, so one Sunday evening after worship, I decided we needed some time away from the normal rush of Sunday night....and what could be better than a bike ride at Lake Hefner?  So that's what we was just the break we all was so fun! 

The water levels were down, so we found some sand to play in....yep, I'm doing a cartwheel.  Still fun!

 Jodee joined in on my fun:

Broken foot and all!

Dustin couldn't resist:

 Dylan was having fun too...he was busy looking for dead fish and shells.  Typical 6 year old boy!

Well.....I think that just about catches us up to now. We are now in the midst of baseball season, Jodee is out of her walking boot and getting ready for State meet!  Let the chaos continue!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The elephants are back!

So....our girl elephants from the OKC zoo had a little 'date' in Tulsa.  Yes, there will be a baby elephant born in OKC soon!  Try explaining that to my curious little 8 year old.  That was fun.  HA!

Being Zoo-Friends has it's perks...we got to go to the zoo after hours tonight to see the new Asian exhibit....elephants and all!  It's VERY nice....and very big, and I cannot wait till summer!  It will be so fun. I am glad we went tram rides, free carousel rides, free donuts, ....the kids were pumped!  We had such a good time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Josh!

The kids and I had fun making Josh's birthday a great day for him.  We also had some help from the Edmond Rangers...they brought cupcakes to practice that night! Thanks, guys!  

I had some wonderful help in the kitchen getting the cookie cake iced just right.

Broken foot and all: 


I love these little hands!  Look at that technique!

 The finished product:

They love their daddy!

And he loves them....enough to do a silly face picture!  

And I love you too!

We went out to eat to his favorite restaurant, saw some friends from church, chatted and went on our way.  Little did we know....they told the waitress it was Josh's birthday, which caused him to have to sit on a saddle while we all said "Yee-haw" to him!  So funny...I told him I wouldn't tell, so the look on his face was hilarious when they came around the corner with the saddle!  Our sweet friends also paid for our dinner....we had no idea until we were ready to go.  What a nice surprise!  Thanks so much (you know who you are!)!!

Josh--hope you had a great day.  Here's to the next just gets better and better!  Love you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Foot

The pic below is Jodee's broken foot.  It's not terribly gross or anything, just looks bruised and swollen.  Poor girl.  I did give her a nice little pedicure....with blue polish.  

I do have to say, it's nice to be able to take her brace off...but a cast would have been tons of fun for her.  At least for a couple of days.