Monday, November 30, 2009

Technology. BLAH!

Well, it may be a while before I post a 'real' post with pictures and all. Our computer is broken! We will be taking it in to hopefully pull everything off of the hard drive (fingers are crossed!).

Well, while I'm on here, might as well say a few things. We got back from Austin yesterday, had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Josh's family! I am so blessed to have such loving in-laws! Had a blast going shopping Friday morning. Whew...some people are CRAZY! We had a great time and got some good deals. Our drive home was fun. Dylan had a stomach problem a few hours into the drive, but seemed fine after we stopped on the side of the road for his stomach to rid itself of any food he may have eaten. At least we made it OUT of the car! Then, we stopped for dinner, and thinking he was feeling better, and might want some sprite, gave him a huge cup of sprite, which he promptly drank ALL of, and then we stopped at least 4 times for potty breaks during the next 2 hours! It was funny--he kept saying "I accidentally drank to much.....aaaaaahhhhhhh......" Poor guy! At least he's a boy. And can potty anywhere!

Well, as I'm home on Mondays, I decorated the inside of the house. Yippee! I love decorating for Christmas. The kids will love it when they come home from school. Then Josh and the kids will do the lights on the house this afternoon. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Monday, November 9, 2009

OC Eagles, Go! Go!

I love OC homecoming!! I don't usually get to go, I'm usually at a gymnastics meet. Somehow, this year, I didn't have to make the drive out to Clinton, OK to judge!! I was happy to get to spend the day with my precious family. We actually started the festivities Friday night at the pep rally. Boy, being in that gym brings back memories!! I loved cheering for OC basketball. I made some great friends through cheerleading! After the pep rally, they had sparklers and s'mores. The kids loved it!
The next day was homecoming. Josh got to go to a Kappa breakfast. He enjoyed seeing old Spring Sing videos and meeting up with some good friends from a long time ago. We then went to the parade. Let me just say, more candy? Really? We don't need more candy!! But, it was great fun for the kids! Then, the moon bounces, horse back rides, free lunch, who could ask for more?Here are my OC eagles......O, C, and the infamous "Talon":I love these next pics of the kids on the obstacle course. They were going SO fast!We went to the girls and boys basketball games (won both! woohoo!) but, by the middle of the 2nd half of the boys game, this is Dylan lying on the bleachers. Thankfully we were at the top not bothering anyone around us!
Go OC!

Halloween 09

This first pic show the results of our Halloween.....TONS of candy!! They got SO much!Some of the fun things we did, like carved pumpkins (sorry for the bad quality of this pic):Dustin did his completely on his own, fiery eyes and all, Jodee's is a girl with hair and a bow, and Dylan's is a spider, done by Dad:We always go visit one of Josh's former co-workers--who goes ALL out on decorating, scaring, feeding, etc. It's so much fun!! This picture is just a peek of the extensive decorating he does....can you see the body parts in the real popcorn machine? This is in his front yard, with a million other things to look at!!

Here are my kiddos dressed up.....#1, a ninja:#2 Demi Lovato ( a singer for those of you non-Disney channel people)#3 Iron Man. And, yes, for you observant blog readers, he was dressed as Hulk on Halloween night up above...but his plan was for Iron Man. He just changed his mind the night of trick-or-treating.And, I have to end this post with one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen, just after a bath. Check out those ears and that beard!!!!