Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jal, New Mexico

Well--we just spent a wonderful weekend in Jal, New Mexico! Both sets of Josh's grandparents live there, so we made a good 3 day weekend of it, and traveled the 9 hours packed in our minivan to see the great-grandparents. Kay Kay and Pop Pop welcomed us around 3 a.m. our time, (only 2 a.m. their time), and we slept hard the rest of the night. We had a nice, relaxing morning in their backyard, watching the birds, letting the kids play in the dirt, and just enjoying visiting. We were able to visit with Nana and Dandy Don later in the day, and also Summer and her family--the kids now had 4 more to play with! They were excited! We spent some time down at the Jal park, feeding the ducks, swinging, and sliding.

One of the best parts of the weekend was Sunday, when Josh got to preach, teach class, and preach again in the evening! He had been planning and looking forward to this for such a long time--and he did a GREAT job! He is amazing--so good at speaking and getting the
points across--WOW--I am married to such a wonderful, Godly man!

What a great weekend! We traveled home on Monday, stopped in Lubbock to see an old college friend, and thankfully had a great trip home--the kids travel so well now! Off to Austin this next weekend for a wedding--more traveling....more blogging!!
Here are 6 of the 7 cousins that were in Jal for the weekend--all climbing the big slide!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay--this is VERY addicting! I have been messing around with this thing a lot today--and am actually enjoying it! I even figured out how to post the kids and their ages (at the very bottom of the whole thing)! The only thing I can't figure out, and maybe it only does it to me, is that when I move the mouse over the title of a blog, the title disappears! Hopefully it's not happening to anyone reading my blog, but if it is, I'm sorry! I can't figure that one out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What blessings!

I feel SO blessed to have 3 great kids! It hits me sometimes that I am not always thinking about how grateful and blessed we really are--the day to day things get in the way and I forget how exciting and fun life can be! The kids keep me going--and I love staying home with them! What a great husband I have--that he supports me so I can be home with our kiddos and teach them and raise them the way we want for them to be brought up in the Lord. Just some nice thoughts from the day.....