Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend!

We went to Texas for my sister's wedding this weekend.....started off SO nicely with a kid with a stomach bug on the way there! Luckily, no one else got it, and we all were well for the wedding!
The kids were all in the wedding, so we had to be at rehearsal Friday night. They had planned on having 2 ring bearers (one was Dylan), but the other kid could NOT keep his hands to himself, so they had them just walk down and sit with their parents. Poor Dylan--he was being SO good--and would have done fine!!
Here is the wedding party:

Our precious, good looking kids:

Looking cool with Uncle Jeremy, and my cousins Brian and Taylor:

Love this pic:

One more of the kids:

Here is Jodee with Mimi--who made her beautiful dress!!!!

It was a crazy whirlwind of a weekend....and was supposed to end with Dustin going to his first year of church camp....but unfortunately it was canceled because of swine flu. Poor guy--he was so disappointed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We have been busy (and a little sick, thus the lack of posting. I'm feeling better now!). I really don't like how the summer FLIES by and the school year crawls. It's just not fair!

Here is just a taste of the fun we've been having:
Checking out the moon through the telescope

Swimming, swimming, and more swimming!Hmmmmm.......can you picture how bad this is going to be in the coming years?'s already happening!Dylan's tball team party:Jodee's new glasses!!Fun at the zoo:The Edmond Rangers on the Redhawks scoreboard! The boys got to walk around the field for their closing ceremonies.First place trophy:And, finally, a library card! When we got it, he couldn't quit smiling as we were walking to the car. So cute! He is very proud of it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Perfect Season!

Way to go, Edmond Rangers!! We ended up 14-0!!! What an amazing spring season for Josh and Dustin! The boys came a long way--learned a TON, had a blast, and earned a trophy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Western Grill 09

I had a nice little date last night with my youngest cowboy, Dylan! Our church always has neat summer activities for the kids, and this is one of our favorites!
Here he is before we went:And, since he wanted to go SO early, we took a pic of us in the car waiting to go inside...he was way excited and couldn't wait any longer to leave our house!
All the little boys had chaps, and they got to make a buckle to go on them:

We had fun outside--riding real horses and stick horses, digging for gold (and getting "gold" candy, aka Rolo's), shooting water guns, and playing horseshoes.

We got to eat a yummy bbq dinner, and he got tattoes, a longhorn brand on both arms, and a mustache!

Which soon turned into a unibrow!
What a fun night. Dustin is sad that he's too old for it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bigger and better

We are moving on to bigger and better things at the Fowler house.....those 'things' would be: 4th grade, 1st grade, and Kindergarten!
I have a few pics of the parties, super kids days, and graduations that happened last week.
Here's Dustin at his ice cream party--they had to go through their multiplication up to 12's to get all of the good stuff on their ice cream. He did it! Way to go, Dustin!
Dylan and his pre-k buddies from church and school:
Jodee having fun at the park with her kindergarten class:

And at super kids day:And, the infamous Mrs. McBride's graduation! I love how my friend put it....Dylan's now going to heaven--after graduating from her class! They learn SO much in this class! Here he is with our wonderful friend and teacher:

It's just too bad that this is how Dylan looked through the better part of the graduation class....yes, he was SOUND ASLEEP. It cracked me up! I've been in his class all quarter--and he's never fallen asleep--but did it on the biggest night of the quarter! Too funny--gotta love kids.
Well, we have officially started our summer--and we're already loving it!
There will be much more to come.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Palo Duro Canyon

On our way home from NM, we took a small detour around Amarillo--and went to the Texas state park of Palo Duro Canyon. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The pictures explain themselves....and, no, we were not dressed for hiking the canyon--flip flops do NOT work well! We had fun anyways....and are planning on going back for a real camping trip sometime soon.
This next pic is the kids in front of a replication of a dugout house that a settler made in the canyon a long time ago. Crazy to think that someone would live in something like that!

It was a nice way to expend some energy on our 9 hour drive home. It put us in really late, but it was worth it! We are looking forward to our camping trip to the canyon!