Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013...say what?

Wow...cannot believe how much has happened since my last blog..oops.  Let's just say life got a little hectic. Between Josh finding a job 300 miles away from our home, planning a huge move, babysitting 11+ hours a day, selling a house, renting a house, making new friends.....I just didn't have it in me to keep up with this thing!  I'm glad I finally have some time to sit and reflect now.  Thankfully we have pictures to help me remember the past year:)
Embracing the big move!

 Thankful for wonderful family and friends who helped us pack:)

Our 'pounding' from our new church family.  It's been a year and I still haven't had to buy paper towels!!  They are a wonderful, thoughtful group of loving people. So blessed to have such sweet friends here in Kansas!

 S. T. A. I. R. S.  We all had to get used to those...even the dogs!  We have 4 levels in our house...basement, main living area, dining and kitchen area, and upstairs (kid's rooms).  WOW. That's a lot of stairs!  

A favorite in Olathe...the awesome city swimming pools!! 

Well...that's a start, right?  I will be keeping up during the summer....no promises on next school year! 

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The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Glad you got the chance to update your blog.