Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fast forward

Okay..I know I have so much to catch up on here on our blog...but pardon me while I fast forward to our HUGE life change coming up soon!  We. are. moving. to. Kansas.   There. I said it.  It has been announced to family, friends, the facebook world, etc., but I thought I should also put a little post about it on the blog.  Maybe for me to have to look back on and see what I was thinking/feeling about all of this.  Because, I know, in a year or so, I will look back and think, "What was I worried about?" But in the moment, right now, I'm freaking out.  Seriously.  Not outwardly, and not constantly.  But that panicky feeling is definitely there.  My biggest worry/fear is finding a place to live.  I know, that shouldn't be my focus, but for some reason, it is!  Along with that, how in the world will we sell our house?  I babysit 5-8 kids a day here at our house.  Seriously, how can we show a house with so many kids in and out each day?  I don't know.  I am hoping our dear Lord has a plan for us, for our housing, and for my irrational fears.  I know He does.....but I sure wish He would just enlighten me a little.  :) On a brighter note, we are here in OK through the school year.  That is a lifesaver to me (and the people I babysit for!).  At least I don't feel rushed.  And, let me also say, I am SO happy Josh has a job to look forward to.  What a relief for him...I know it's been a stressful 2 1/2 years for him too....I hate to dwell on my craziness.  We will be blessed by living in Kansas..I just know it.


Alyssa said...

You are blessed for sure. And Kansas will be blessed by a great family like yours! It was never in MY plan to live in Florida or Oklahoma. And for both of those moves I was surprised that everything was ok, it all worked out, and why did I worry. I just know that everything will work out and you will look back and say, "Why did I ever worry about this?" Hugs to you all!

Tara said...

Wow! So exciting.