Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First day of school 2012, Olathe, KS

Since we're about to start school in 2013, I figured I should post these from last year! ;)  It was scary and exciting starting at new schools...for the kids and me!  Jodee was a 4th grader at Brougham Elementary..had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Gaede, and made some GREAT friends that year!! We were so blessed!

Dylan was a 3rd grader at Brougham, had Mrs. Hermanson...another amazing teacher!  We were doubly blessed with 2 of the best teachers at that school!  So thankful for a wonderful first school year in Kansas.

Dustin started school in Kansas as a 7th grader at Frontier Trail Middle School.  Awesome school with great teachers.  He did great...and made some really good friends!

Last minute summer fun:

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